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Introduction to Dawat-e-Islami

Markazi Majlis-e-Shoora
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Madani Tanzeemi Kutub
This Book Includes Superb Knowledge Of Topics Like Establishment of Dawat-e-Islami, Madani Message of Dawat-e-Islami in 176 Countries, A Glimpse of Islamic Sisters’ Monthly Madani Activities And Many More
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Created Date
17 April 2005
Modified Date
07 July 2014
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  1. Muhammad Raza attari

    مرحبا ماشاءالله Dawate islami ki bhi kiya baat hai isne musalmano ko ek aur nek banane mai koi kami nahi chodi Allahpak es ko salamat rakhe es era mai dekhne ke liye madani channel jaisa nayab tohfa diya jid se kuffar musalman ho rahe hai badamal musalman baamal banate ja rahe hai reading ke liye etni good books di marhaba gibat ki tabahkariya aur nveki ki dawat padkar bahut accha laga

  2. Syed Bilal Quadri Attari

    I love Dawateislami n Ameer Ahlesunnat

  3. Atik Akbar Inamdar

    La Jawab Tharik اللہ عزوجل Aur Uske Payre Habib ﷺ Ka Shukra Hai Hume Pursitan Daur May Aysi Tharik Atha Ki. Aur Shukra Hai Amire Ahelesunnat Damatbarkathu Inka Jo Hame Ayse Phitno Ke Bazarme Ajimo Shan Tharik Se Nawaja...........


    سبحان اللہ والحمداللہ! For this website; Dawat-e-islami. مع السلام


    سبحان اللہ والحمداللہ! For this website; Dawat-e-islami. مع السلام



  7. Mudasir nazar

    I like this organization and proud on this organization

  8. Muhammad Bilal qamar Attari

    ماشاء اللہ عزوجل its good

  9. Muhammad usman

    I love dawat-e-Islami. May the smell of madani flowers spread every corner of the world. Dawat-e-Islami zindabad.

  10. Abdul-Rahamon A.

    May the blessing of اللہ be with you & those that spreading islam all over d world. ur programme has transformed many souls.

  11. Usman ahmad attari

    great work....may Allah help us all!

  12. shaikh Muhammad mustkeem


  13. Naseer ahmad

    ASSALAM-O-ALIAKUM Great efforts have been made from the DAWAT-E-ISLAMI for promoting the real and exact picture before the Muslims and Non-believers. It is need of hour to portray such ideas and personality otherwise people have forgotten the real spirit of ISLAM. Espcially in these days when only MuSLIMS are looked down upon due to terrorist activities. Really these things put wrong message to belivers and non-believer. DAWAT-E-ISLAM is the only platform which guide us what is aim of as a human being and what is purpose of send the man in this world. Really the people have forgotten real appearance of MUSLIMS. A few years ago , people said a person having turbne , SIKH OR SOMETHIN ELS. Now ,the people aware of this that this is the SUNNAH of our beloved NABI PAK SALLAL HO ALEHE WALIAHE WASSALM. Surely, the creidt goes to AMMER-E- AHLE SUNNAT HAZART ALAMA MOULAN MUHAMMAD ILLYAS QADRI. We pay great great great great homage and devotion to HIM. May ALLAH bless /progress DAWATEISLAMI with leaps and pounds and great success. AAMEEN.

  14. Muhammad siddiqui qadiri razavi attari

    ماشاءاللہ The way of working Dawat-e-Islami doing very appreciable , diffenetly right direction and right path for Aakera.Allah Subhanatallah Bless you ALL.

  15. Engr. waseem amin attari

    MASHALLAH, great efforts are continuously being done by the IT majlis, majlis e tarajim, majlis e madinatul ilmia, maktabatul madina to promote the real image of islam which is very beautiful. specially the translated books, booklets is a tremendous job. May ALLAH bless my DAWATEISLAMI with great success. AAMEEN.

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