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Construction of Orphanages, Masajid and Schools

Join hands with FGRF to sponsor the construction of a mosque or school.

Through the efforts of Faizan Global Relief Foundation, orphanages, mosques, schools, and various religious institutions have been established in Syria, Turkey, Pakistan, and several other countries. These institutions continue to provide education and upbringing systematically. Faizan Global Relief Foundation aims to establish charitable institutes worldwide to introduce programs focusing on skill development, education, ethics, languages, and social welfare, ensuring that everyone benefits from their relief projects. One of the primary objectives of Faizan Global Relief Foundation is to construct mosques and schools in areas where Islamic education facilities are scarce, especially considering the religious needs of Muslims. To sponsor or contribute to the construction of mosques and schools in Faizan Global Relief Foundation's projects, start your journey with a donation of £10,000, and contact us at +44 7300 55 99 19. You can also make bank transfers to Lloyd's Bank,


Account Name: Faizan Global Relief Foundation UK.

Sort Code: 309773, Account No: 46004868.

IBAN: GB23LOYD30977346004868.

 BIC: LOYDGB21087.

Reference: MASJID.


Join hands with Faizan Global Relief Foundation in the service of Islam, and remember that your charity can be spent on any permissible religious, reformative, beneficial, spiritual, philanthropic, or benevolent cause. Charity Registration Number 1200869