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Faizan Global Relief Foundation

Chief Executive of Faizan Global Relief Foundation, Mr. Abdul Habib, will distribute keys of the constructed houses to the affected individuals of the floods in the city of Jehangir in the province of Sindh.

The destructive impact of the floods transformed the homes of the residents in the Sindh province, particularly in Jhangra city, into ruins. Witnessing homes floating in the floodwaters on all sides, the affected individuals were immersed in sorrow and distress.

In this delicate situation, the Dawat-e-Islami department FGRF (Faizan Global Relief Foundation) took practical steps to provide aid to the homeless victims, carrying out significant efforts for their rehabilitation. A ceremony is scheduled for November 23 in Jhangra, Sindh, organized as a result of the sincere efforts of the Faizan Global Relief Foundation. The event aims to articulate the dreams of those affected by the floods, providing keys to the houses of farmers who lost their dwellings. The Director and Chief Executive of FGRF, Mr. Abdul Habib Qadri Attari, a distinguished religious scholar, will participate in the event, personally distributing keys to the homeowners to symbolize a new beginning in their reconstruction efforts.