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FGRF’s Support

FGRF’s Support for Over a Thousand Orphaned Moroccan Children

Following the devastating earthquake in Morocco last year, which left hundreds of children orphaned and homes in ruins, the landscape of life was dramatically altered as towering buildings crumbled and death cast its shadow in an instant. In response to this disaster, the Disaster Management Department of Faizan Global Relief Foundation (FGRF) promptly delivered emergency aid to Moroccan Muslims and initiated rescue operations to save those trapped under the rubble.

To support the orphaned children affected by the earthquake, FGRF launched various projects including the Orphan Care Project and educational camps. FGRF continues to make every possible effort to bring joy to these orphaned children. Recently, FGRF UK Director Syed Fuzail Raza Attari and his team visited Morocco, where they distributed food items, clothes, essential supplies, and other beloved items to over a thousand orphaned children.