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FGRF Masjid Construction

With FGRF, earn immense rewards by building Masjid for the faithful believers.

The mosque is the foremost center for the promotion and dissemination of Islamic teachings. It is the believers who contribute their share towards the construction of the center of Islam, and it is they whom Allah has chosen for the construction of His house. It is necessary to also oversee the construction and financial management of Masjid included in the projects of Dawat-e-Islami.

Recently, efforts from the Faizan Global Relief Foundation have led to the construction of Masjid under the name of Faizan Quran in Kashmir and Sindh. Through the construction of this mosque, local people are provided with an opportunity for communal worship and learning about religion, presented by FGRF. FGRF invites you to be part of this noble mission of goodness by constructing a mosque and building for yourself a grand house in paradise.

To become a part of this grand project of goodness, donate to FGRF through bank transfer or collaborate with FGRF to construct a mosque.

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