fgrf turkiye disaster
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F G R F - Turkiye Disaster

After the construction of homes, schools, and madrasas for orphaned children and widows in Syria, a new agreement has been reached between FGRF (Faizan Global Relief Foundation) and Turkey Disaster Management for the construction of an additional 84 new houses in Syria

Faizan Global Relief Foundation (FGRF) has successfully completed a recent project in Syria, specifically in the region of Sham. The aftermath of the past conflict in the Sham region resulted in the destruction of many homes, leaving women widowed and children orphaned. In response to this delicate situation, FGRF, in collaboration with its supporters, initiated a project to construct 200 dignified residences to provide a respectable living space for widows and orphans.

With sincere efforts and dedication, FGRF completed the construction of 200 homes in a short period. Now, with renewed determination and considering the ongoing needs, FGRF has entered into a new agreement with the Welfare and Disaster Management Department of Turkey, represented by the Turkey Diya net Foundation. According to this agreement, FGRF and TURKIYA DIYANET VAKFI will jointly build an additional 84 houses in Syria.

In this noble endeavor, FGRF appeals to all its supporters, donors, and those dedicated to humanitarian service to contribute according to their capacity. The cost for building one house is approximately £1500. Join hands with FGRF UK and gift a home to orphaned children and widowed women."