helping families in palestine
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Assistance to Palestinian families under FGRF

Families in Palestine are waiting for help. FGRF

Faizan Global Relief Foundation is actively engaged in assisting the oppressed Palestinians. For several months now, FGRF has been striving to help the Palestinian people with an effective strategy. They have delivered food, clothing, bedding, tents, medicines, toys for children, warm clothes for winter, water bottles, and all other essential supplies to the people of Palestine.

The people living in tents in Gaza are facing severe water shortages. In this dire situation, FGRF is working on a grand project to deliver one million liters of water to the people of Gaza. Previously, FGRF has already delivered thousands of water bottles to the residents of Gaza.

With a spirit of selfless service, FGRF is carrying out relief efforts for the people of Gaza even in these war-torn conditions. A large number of devotees of the Prophet in the UK are collaborating with FGRF to assist the people of Palestine. FGRF appeals to all Muslims to join them in this noble mission of delivering one million liters of water to the people of Gaza. Water is life, so save lives by supporting this great project of FGRF. Join hands with FGRF to prevent further fragmentation of Palestinian families.

To participate in the relief efforts, please contact +447300 55 99 19