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Two Years Course in Islamic Jurisprudence and Islamic Banking System

The Department of Islamic Economics at Jamia tul-Madina Institute is currently offering admissions for a two-year course in Islamic Jurisprudence and Islamic Banking System."

In accordance with the demands of the present era, Jamia-tul-Madina is an educational institution of Dawat e Islami where traditional Islamic sciences are taught alongside contemporary knowledge. Graduates from this institution are serving in various fields of life, providing religious and national services. Keeping in view the growing trends of Islamic banking and Islamic economic system, a unique and modern two-year course is being initiated under the auspices of Jamia-tul-Madina Institute to acquire expertise in Islamic jurisprudence and Islamic economics.

The specialization course in Islamic jurisprudence and economics includes Islamic finance, Islamic jurisprudence of transactions, modern banking, various corporate transactions, imports and exports, sales tax, income tax, stock exchange, besides information on Islamic screening criteria, practical training in fatwa writing will also be provided.

The last date for registration for specialization in Islamic jurisprudence and Islamic economics under the Department of Economics at Jamia tul-Madina is April 19, 2024. Students enrolling will also be provided with reasonable stipends and accommodation facilities.

For complete information on Islamic banking and to acquire expertise in Islamic jurisprudence, complete the registration process soon. For further details about this course, you can also contact 0333 3009190.