madani muzakra in ramadan
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Madani Muzakra Ramadan

In the blessed moments of Ramadan, where the fervour for worship, recitation of the Quran

remembrance of Allah, and prayers intensify in the hearts of believers, if worship is infused with religious knowledge, then the reward for worship doubles. Worship performed in accordance with the Shariah not only brings fulfillment but also yields greater rewards. Throughout the blessed month of Ramadan, Muslims undertaking Aetikaf in the International Madani Markaz of Dawat-e-Islami in Karachi and across Pakistan will be engaged in learning religious knowledge in the morning and evening sessions under the guidance of the esteemed scholarly and spiritual figure, Sheikh Tariqat, Ameer e   Ahle Sunnah. He will continue to provide lessons on Shariah, spiritual guidance, and ethics for the viewers of Madani Channel. Each day after the Asr prayer and before Maghrib, heart-touching supplications will be made, followed by discussions on religious matters, obligatory knowledge of Shariah, reforming beliefs, moral lessons, solutions to contemporary issues, and the secrets of spiritual and intellectual progress, aimed at those engaged in spreading the message of Islam. Valuable pearls of knowledge will be imparted in light of the Quran and Hadith through the Madani Channel directly from the Ameer-e- Ahl-e-Sunnah. Learn about the demands of the Quran from the Muslim community through Madani Muzakra. Do not forget to watch the Madani Channel every day after the Asr prayer and after the Tarawih prayer, around 10:45 PM."