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Relief Campaign by FGRF

The relief campaign by Faizan Global Relief Foundation has brought smiles to the faces of earthquake-affected Moroccan orphan children.

Whether it's the severity of situations due to changes in weather patterns or the devastation caused by natural disasters like earthquakes or floods, the Faizan Global Relief Foundation (FGRF) strives to assist affected people everywhere through its possible efforts. Last year, Morocco was struck by an earthquake that left homes destroyed, many dead, and children orphaned. To bring joy to these helpless Moroccan orphan children, FGRF distributed treats, various delicious meals, toys, and clothing among them. FGRF is determined to establish various institutes for the care and education of orphan children. FGRF earnestly appeals to all philanthropists to join hands with them to support orphaned children and provide them with a sense of belonging. If you wish to contribute to spreading happiness among Moroccan Muslim orphan children, you can contact FGRF's responsible persons in the UK at +44 7300 55 99 19 or through