religious congregation in spain
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Religious Congregation in Spain

In the light of Islamic teachings, what are the responsibilities of parents? Participate in the Islamic invitation event taking place in Spain on March 3rd and learn about the responsibilities of parents.

In numerous aspects of life, Islamic principles are manifesting themselves into exemplary traditions, reflecting in various departments of DawateIslami platform. Indeed, at present, Dawat-e-Islami is being carried out in over 100 countries worldwide, portraying the practical image of Islamic teachings across every sector, from ordinary workers to responsible individuals. Everyone is benefiting from the blessings of knowledge through the atmosphere of Dawat e Islami.

Whether you are working in any capacity as a leader in Spain or fulfilling domestic responsibilities as a parent, you should definitely participate in a unique educational and nurturing Dawat e Islami event scheduled for March 3rd in Spain. Gain valuable insights into your responsibilities in the light of Islamic teachings. The event in Spain will feature special lectures by the regional supervisor of Europe, Maulana Usaid Raza Attari, along with insightful discussions on traditions. Perform the Maghrib prayer at 6:30 PM at Taj Mehal Restaurant, which resembles a palace, and learn from Maulana Usaid Raza, the regional supervisor of Europe for Dawat e Islami.

Please note the address and contact number for the event in Spain: Taj Mehal Restaurant C/DR. Manuel Candela 20 Ayora Valencia Spain. Contact no: 671826106"