skills enhancement program by fgrf
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Skills Enhancement Program by FGRF

Inaugural Ceremony of Skills Enhancement Program (SEP) by FGRF in Afandi Town, Hyderabad

Quality education and training create good individuals, and professionalism in any field leads to success. The core mission of the Faizan Global Relief Foundation (FGRF) is to provide educational and training institutions, institutes, and skills enhancement programs to the community, enabling youth to acquire the knowledge and skills needed for various professional fields in accordance with the demands of the current era.

In various cities across Pakistan, FGRF has introduced a multitude of programs under the SEP (Skills Enhancement Program) department. These programs equip the younger generation with education in international languages, IT software, hardware, mobile application development, and numerous technical fields. Continuing this initiative, on July 8, 2024, a Skills Enhancement Program was inaugurated in Afandi Town, Hyderabad, Sindh. The event saw a large attendance of youth, professionals, teachers, and political and social figures who praised FGRF's efforts in social welfare, education, and the establishment of a relief fund to assist low-income households with their electricity bills.