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Special Event for Children at an Orphanage

The FGRF team organized a special event for children at an orphanage in Morocco.

Many children were left without parental care and affection due to the damage caused by the earthquake in Morocco. While various government agencies are working to care for and educate these children, the welfare department of Dawat-e-Islami, FGRF, has also been actively helping the people of Morocco through all possible means since the beginning. Recently, FGRF officials from the UK visited an orphanage in Morocco and organized a splendid event for the children. During this event, FGRF provided clothes, toys, food, and many other gifts to the children. Various programs were also arranged to keep the children engaged. This was not FGRF's first effort; previously, the UK FGRF has played a significant role in supporting Moroccan Muslims by providing food, clothing, and other essential items. FGRF appeals to all Muslims to join hands with them in this noble cause to support the education and upbringing of Moroccan Muslim children.