Interpretation of Your Dreams

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Interpretation of Your Dreams

Mawlana Muhammad Asad Attari Madani

Dream: What is the interpretation of a dream in which one sees himself crying profusely and clinging to his spiritual guide?

Interpretation: For a disciple to see a qualified spiritual guide is a harbinger of openings and blessings. Such a dream signals the spiritual guide’s attention towards his disciple. The disciple should loyally follow him to reap the blessings of both worlds.

Dream: A brother is experiencing dreams of himself vomiting blood. His wife sees dreams in which someone is taking her child and running off. These dreams occur around the time of Fajr azan.

Interpretation: May Allah have mercy. Although this is a sign of tribulation, it does not mean that the child will be abducted. In any case, if there are small children in the home, one should supervise them and give full attention to their protection. One should also give charity in the way of Allah. By Allah’s grace, this will bring blessings to the family.

Dream: If someone sees a camel chasing him, how could this be interpreted?

Interpretation: Such a dream signals sorrow and anxiety. It can also signal illness. It is possible that the dreamer is facing some difficulty. If so, he should work towards accomplishing tasks carefully with wisdom and caution. He should control his diet, avoiding anything that can cause illness. He should supplicate to Allah after every salah.  He will be granted well-being اِنْ شَــآءَالـلّٰـه.

Dream: What is the interpretation of seeing a deceased woman wearing luxurious clothing and make up in one’s dream?

Interpretation: If one did not see her in a bad environment, and her attire did not contravene Islamic limits, then this is a sign of the deceased being in a good state. This is because seeing a deceased person happy and in a good state is a good omen.

Dream: In a dream, I saw myself in my home, and there were two melons in the garden; one was large and the other a little smaller. After a while, I looked again, and the rind of the smaller melon was removed from the middle to the top whilst the lower rind was not. It appeared red and sweet, and I felt a desire to eat it. On top of it were drops like dew. Time for Tahajjud then began, and as soon as my respected teacher entered the room, I woke up.

Interpretation: This is a positive dream. Seeing a sweet melon in season is a sign of health and benefit, cure for the unwell, and strength for a weak person.  If a student of knowledge sees such a dream, it is a sign of ease in acquiring knowledge. They should still ensure to take means to acquire it.




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