arabic language course in australia
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Arabic Language Course in Australia

Under the banner of "Dawat-e-Islami Australia," a course in the Arabic language has been initiated to understand the Quran. This course will commence on January 17th at the Adelaide City Mosque.

There is no doubt that in Australia, Dawat e Islami is actively engaged in promoting religious education and inviting towards goodness. An exemplary effort in this regard is the Adelaide City Mosque, which has become a center for the propagation of religious teachings. It introduces a new course every day to help Muslims understand and learn the teachings of Islam.

During the blessed month of Ramadan, Muslims naturally develop an interest in reading and understanding the Quranic verses and meanings, along with its interpretation. However, due to a lack of familiarity with the Arabic language, the enthusiasm remains incomplete. To address this, Dawat e Islami is launching a unique Arabic language course starting from January 17th at the Adelaide City Mosque.

To enhance skills and facilitate the understanding of the Quran in Arabic, Sheikh Imran Madani, associated with South Africa, will conduct two-hour Arabic language classes every Sunday and Monday from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Australian Muslims can benefit not only by acquiring language skills but also by gaining the ability to read the Quran with comprehension

Residents of Australia interested in enrolling in the Arabic language course can visit Adelaide City Mosque at 20-24 Little Gilbert Street, Adelaide, or call 1300 004 786 for information about enrollment