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Construction of 15,000 Houses

The Faizan Global Relief Foundation (FGRF) will construct 15,000 houses for the flood-affected poor in Pakistan.

"The social welfare services of the International FGRF have drawn attention worldwide, making efforts to bring comfort and happiness to humanity, away from poverty and darkness. Efforts are being made by the welfare department of Dawat e Islami to provide relief. Following the successful completion of a major project for the care and residence of orphaned children in Syria, the Faizan Global Relief Foundation is now initiating a grand project to construct 15,000 houses for the flood-affected people of Pakistan, who have been affected by natural disasters such as rain and floods. Through this project, good quality houses will be built for the flood victims as soon as possible. FGRF has already completed a project to build around 100 houses, and the keys have been handed over to the original owners. You are also invited to participate in this noble service of humanity by donating to FGRF, helping in the construction of 15,000 houses. Please note the bank details for donations.


Bank Transfer Bank Name: Lloyds Bank

Account Name: Faizan Global Relief Foundation

UK Sort Code: 309773

Account No: 46004868 Ref: Houses

Contact Us: +44 7300 55 99 19 ""