convocation ceremony of graduates
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Convocation Ceremony of Graduates

Chief Executive of Dawat-e-Islami, renowned Islamic scholar Maulana Muhammad Imran Attari, will participate in the convocation ceremony for the graduates of Jamia-tul-Madinah Islamic University in South Africa.

The Jamia-tul-Madinah in South Africa serves as a center for the educational initiatives of DawateIslami. Hundreds of students, adorned with the knowledge of religion, graduate each year and engage in serving the African countries. These graduates, having completed courses in religious education, become beacons of virtue, illuminating society's darkness with the light of knowledge.

In the educational session of 2023, 16 students from Jamia-tul-Madinah South Africa successfully completed the course in the Islamic Studies system. Consequently, a graduation ceremony is scheduled for Sunday, December 10, 2023, at the Image Lifestyle Centre, 85 Mint Rd, CNR Carr Str, Fordsburg, Johannesburg. This event will witness the conferral of degrees and the formal attire ceremony for the 16 graduates. Notable scholars, including Maulana Muhammad Imran Attari, a prominent figure overseeing the central council of Dawat-e-Islami, will participate in the ceremony, honoring the graduates with the symbolic turban of knowledge.

Islamic sisters can also participate in the annual attiring ceremony of Jamia-tul-Madinah South Africa. Separate arrangements for purdah have been made for them.