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FGRF Water Aid

To address the shortage of clean water in Gaza, FGRF has delivered 400,000 liters of water to the people of Gaza so far.

The dire situation in Gaza has left its people helpless in every aspect—homeless, struggling for survival, with nowhere to hide, lacking basic necessities, and enduring hunger and thirst. The distress of Gaza's residents living in tents is increasing day by day. In these challenging circumstances, representatives of FGRF are distributing food, clothing, and other essentials according to the weather conditions, to assist the people of Gaza in every possible way. Recently, when the water scarcity in Gaza had reached its peak, FGRF's Dawat-e-Islami branch has provided nearly four lakh gallons of water, and further efforts by FGRF are ongoing. According to reports, FGRF's responsible members have distributed one million bottles of water among the people of Gaza. Providing water is an ongoing charity. You can also join hands with FGRF to quench the thirst of Gaza's people. For contact, you can also call at +44 7300 55 99 19