hajj government scheme
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Hajj Government Scheme

To avail the opportunity for the pilgrimage journey under the government scheme, obtain the Hajj Assistance Form from Dawat e Islami Hajj Umrah Department.

The Department of Hajj and Umrah, under DawateIslami, is providing its services at the global Madani Markaz Faizan e Madina to facilitate the people in all stages of the sacred journey of Hajj and Umrah, ensuring a proper and traditional conclusion. This department, particularly under the Hajj and Umrah program, takes special care in training those intending to visit the holy sites of MAKKAH and MADINA. Specific classes, especially for prospective Hajj pilgrims, are organized to educate them about the training and rituals associated with the pilgrimage

This crucial department of DAWATEISLAMI has introduced a Hajj Assistance Form on its website for the convenience of all Muslims. Through this assistance form, those planning to go on Hajj receive comprehensive guidance. The use of this form not only saves time but also makes the various stages of the Hajj journey easier to navigate. It is recommended that all Muslims intending to perform Hajj in the year 2024 make use of the assistance provided through the Hajj Assistance Form presented by the DAWATEISLAMI Department.

Hajj Muawnat Form