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Religious Tour of African Countries

Details of the religious tour in African countries by Haji Athar Attari, the supervisor of the International Languages and IT Department and a member of the Central Executive Body.

Dawat e Islami's extensive religious movement, focusing on the dissemination of Quran and Sunnah, is gaining momentum across numerous countries in Africa. Non-Muslims in these countries are increasingly being drawn towards Islam through the efforts of Dawat e Islami preachers. Consequently, Qafilah from Dawat-e-Islami continue to travel to various African countries for the propagation of traditions. Recently, under the supervision of Haji Athar Attari, a member of the Central Executive Body, a Qafilah for religious work arrived in Mauritius on November 25.

This Qafilah will stay in various cities of Mauritius until December 4, after which the second preaching journey, starting on December 5, will head towards Zambia. This journey will involve various religious activities. The Qafilah will then proceed to Malawi on December 13 to impart religious teachings to the people there. On December 22, the Qafilah will be engaged in the propagation of Islamic religious activities in Zimbabwe, focusing on individual efforts to instill faith in the residents of Africa.

In an endeavor to promote practical adherence to religion, individual efforts will be directed towards the residents of Africa. Finally, on December 28, the Qafilah will head towards Mozambique, where it will participate in Islamic gatherings, deliver speeches, and engage in various religious activities. You can also participate in this spiritual journey to contribute to the propagation of Islamic teachings. For joining this Qafilah, contact the number +92 3153784755 and embark on this blessed journey with Haji Athar Attari, a member of the Central Executive Council, to advance the work of religion.