syed muhammad faisal bbc radio interview
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BBC News Reports On FGRF Relief Efforts For Palestine

Syed Muhammad Faisal Sami provided details about the relief efforts of the Faizan Global Relief Foundation (FGRF) in Palestine during an interview with BBC Radio London.

BBC Radio London published a detailed report on the humanitarian efforts of Faizan Global Relief Foundation (FGRF), featuring an interview with Mr. Syed Muhammad Faisal Sami, the Head of FGRF (Faizan Global Relief Foundation) in the UK. In the interview, the BBC Radio representative highlighted the significant humanitarian services, stating that FGRF has provided ample resources in its Human Relief Program for thousands of displaced individuals in Palestine.

These resources include shelter, food and drink supplies, warm clothing, beds, blankets, quilts, medical treatment for injuries, medicines, and other essential life necessities. Recently, in collaboration with Red Crescent, FGRF has distributed cold weather protection essentials to two thousand individuals on the border of Egypt and Palestine to safeguard them from the cold.

Syed Muhammad Sami, in an interview with BBC Radio, further mentioned that the FGRF's Human Relief Program extends beyond Palestine, actively operating in regions affected by earthquakes, including Turkey, Morocco, Syria, and other quake-prone areas. Particularly emphasizing Syria, Syed Muhammad Faisal Sami, the head of FGRF UK, informed that their workers and donors have provided support in Sheikh al-Hadid's area, ensuring the sponsorship of orphaned children, providing homes, schools for education and training, mosques for worship, and essential life supplies.

In conclusion of the interview, Syed Muhammad Sami, Head of FGRF London, expressed gratitude to all donors and contributors, extending his thanks to BBC Radio for spreading awareness about FGRF's Human Relief Programs worldwide. He conveyed his appreciation for BBC Radio's role in disseminating information about FGRF's initiatives across the globe.