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Two-Day Education Session In Australia

In Australia, a two-day education session under the banner of Dawat e Islami will take place on January 20 and 21 2024.

An under the auspices of Dawateislami, a series of religious education programs is ongoing in every country and city. At the beginning of the upcoming new year, dawateislami is organizing a two-day educational session at Medina Mosque in Leppington, NSW, Australia, for Muslim brothers. The session aims to impart crucial religious knowledge to adult Muslim men. This comprehensive two-day session, inclusive of education and training, will feature speeches by Islamic preachers on various topics. Participants in the session will receive training in engaging in religious activities and raising awareness of religious teachings among people.

The two-day educational session is scheduled for January 2024 in Australia, at the Medina Mosque in Leppington, NSW. All Islamic brothers residing in Australia are invited to participate in the session. For further information about the educational session, contact can be made at the number 1300 004 786. Participants in the two-day session will also be provided with meals.