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Zehni Azmaish Season 15

The famous Mind Challenge Quiz program of Madani Channel, shining like the candle of knowledge, will be broadcast live on Madani Channel from 9:00 PM on November 12th, marking its 15th season.

Mr. Abdul Habib Qadri, the presenter of the Mind Challenge Program, shared the good news of the 15th season's quiz program. Addressing the viewers, he invited students to prepare for the fierce competition of testing intellectual abilities through this beautiful scientific quiz program.

Abdul Habib Attari, the spokesperson for Dawateislami and the host of the Mind Challenge Program, conveyed the exciting news about the 15th season to all Madani Channel viewers. He mentioned that the preparation for the new season is complete, the teams have been selected, and every team participating in the program will showcase their abilities in the field at 9:00 PM on November 12th on Madani Channel.

He added that this program of mental challenge will be broadcast every Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday at 9:00 PM directly on Madani Channel.


zehni Azmaish