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Ministry Of Climate Change

Government Of Pakistan

The FGRF and Government of Pakistan's Ministry of Climate Change joined hands on 17th Nov, 2021 to carry out a plantation drive in the country. The two organizations led the way with a strong focus on tree plantation, urban forests, and combating the opposing effects of climate change. The main purpose behind this collaboration was to control environmental challenges like the urban heat island effect and smog reduction, leading towards clean and green Pakistan.


The Vital Role

The FGRF and Ministry of Climate Change took positive foot towards improving the environment conditions of the country. As the Quranic teachings and Hadith emphasized the importance of securing and protecting nature, the organization made environmental protection an integral part of its mission. The FGRF through its dedication and relentless approach contributed positively by collaborating with the Pakistan’s Ministry of Climate Change.


Tree Plantation

The major motive of this collaboration between the two organizations was to plant trees and make Pakistan clean and green. Both FGRF and the Ministry of Climate Change recognized the significance of increasing forest cover to minimize the impacts of climate change. They have organized joint tree plantation drives across the country, influencing citizens to participate actively in this noble cause.


The FGRF’s Extensive Reach

The FGRF’s vast network and public approach have played a crucial role in preparing communities for tree plantation. Using its branches and committed volunteers, the organization reached distant places, including remote villages and cities. This outreach has led to widespread awareness about the importance of planting trees and caring for the environment.


Expertise & Resources

Partnering with the Ministry of Climate Change has provided the FGRF access to valuable expertise and resources. The ministry's professionals and environmental experts have offered guidance on strategic tree plantation, ensuring that the efforts have a lasting and positive impact on the ecosystem. Moreover, the collaboration has unlocked governmental resources, facilitating the implementation of large-scale plantation initiatives.


Urban Forests

The collaboration between FGRF and the Ministry of Climate Change extended beyond rural areas to urban centers. They shared a vision of creating urban forests, lush green spaces within cities that combat the heat island effect. Together, they have launched projects to transform vacant urban land into vibrant green areas, providing relief from soaring temperatures and promoting sustainable urban living.


Smog Reduction

Smog reduction was another challenge that this partnership addressed. The FGRF’s vast reach enabled them to conduct awareness campaigns on reducing smog, emphasizing eco-friendly practices and responsible waste disposal. The Ministry of Climate Change contributed its technical expertise, implementing measures to monitor air quality and reduce emissions.



The collaboration between FGRF and the Ministry of Climate Change is an impressive example of different groups working together for a common goal. They united to plant trees, establish urban forests, and address smog, all aiming for a clean and green movement. Both the organizations have motivated communities, encouraged people to care for the environment, and prepared for a sustainable future, through this special partnership.





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