Intelligent Children

The biggest truth of the world

Abu Tayyib Madani (Shahzaib)

Those familiar with the state of affairs inform us that whoever is to become prominent when he grows starts performing extraordinary things from his childhood. Such an individual’s childhood is different from other children.’

During the time of Tabi’een, there was a child named Iyaas. Iyaas Bin Mu’awiyah was from Basra, Iraq.

Once, What happened was that when he was a teenager, he came before a judge due to a case. His opponent was an elderly person. The judge said to Iyaas: ‘He is an elderly person and you are still young, hence, you do not have the right to represent yourself on the same level as him.’

Listening to this, Iyaas said: ‘Your honour! The truth is even bigger than my opponent.’

Upon hearing this, the judge became overwhelmed with anger and retorted: ‘Be quiet!’

Iyaas said: ‘If I stay quiet, then who will argue my case?’

To which the judge replied: ‘I do not think that while sitting here, you will speak the truth.’

Iyaas instantly replied, negating the judge: أَشْهَدُ أَنْ لَّا إِلٰهَ إِلَّا اللهُ i.e. I bear witness that none is worthy of worship except Allah. (Tareekh-e-Ibn-e-‘Asakir, vol. 10, p. 8)

Dear children! This teenager, Iyaas Bin Mu’awiyah, is from the Tabi’een. He was very intelligent and wise since his childhood. When he grew older, he was appointed as the judge of Basra.

In this event, the judge meant that Iyaas would not speak the truth. However, by using his intelligence, he mentioned the world’s most significant truth in front of the judge that only Allah Almighty is worthy of worship and other than Him, no one can be worshipped.

Allah Almighty is the Lord of everyone and everything, He Almighty is one, He Almighty neither has any son nor wife.




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