Attack on the water cooler!

Story of Little Zayd

Attack on the water cooler!

Mawlana Haidar Ali Madani

The playground was hustling and bustling. Some kids were playing tag, some were playing with frisbees, and others having water-fights. Mr Faruq was watching all of this from the classroom window with a gleaming smile. Just before break ended, all the children rushed to the water cooler to drink before heading back to their classrooms. In a sudden turn of events, the children who were playing together a few moments ago began pushing and shoving around the water cooler like ants attacking a piece of fruit! Mr Faruq’s smile began to fade away.

This was his first day as a teacher in the school. This is why he was watching the children play with great attention. He then saw something incredibly unique. A child calmly walked up to the water cooler, and patiently waited for all the children in front of him to have their turn. He then filled his cup and sat down on a bench. He drank the water in three breaths, put the cup back, and walked to his class.

The bell rang as break time came to an end. Mr Faruq also headed towards his classroom. Looking inside, he saw that the child who had patiently waited for the water was already sitting in the front row. As it was his first day, Mr Faruq did not know every child’s name. He went around the classroom, asking each child to introduce themself. When it came to the patient boy, he said, “Everyone calls me Little Zayd.”

Mr Faruq spent the entire lesson getting to know the children. All of the children really liked this new teacher.

As the lesson drew to a close, Mr Faruq called Little Zayd over. “Son, do you know the Islamic way to drink water?” he asked.

“Yes, sir!”, Little Zayd burst out, “I learnt how to do this by watching the Madani pearls of Ghulam Rasool on Madani Channel. So, we should drink water by reciting بِسْمِ اللّٰہ, whilst sitting down, drinking in three breaths, and with our right hand. We also need to look inside the glass before drinking to check if anything is inside it.” A warm smile beamed across Mr Faruq’s face.

The next day, the children finished their break and headed towards Mr Faruq’s class. He was already sat there waiting for them. One by one, the kids gave salam before sitting in their chairs. However, they noticed something different. There was a water cooler on a stool at the front of the classroom.

Once all the children had taken their seats, Mr Faruq said, “Okay children, I’ve prepared an activity for us.” Calling Little Zayd and four other children to the front, he handed them some flash cards. “So children,” he announced, “today, our activity is all about drinking water. But before we begin, listen to this carefully. Whenever there are several kids wishing to drink water, they should all line up and wait their turn. Whether somebody tells us to do so or not, we still need to form a line. Does everyone understand?”

“Yes, Mr Faruq!” the children exclaimed.

“Fantastic,” he cheered, “let’s start with the students on the right side of the class. Come and drink some water!” One by one, they lined up in front of the water cooler. As the first child filled his cup and was about to drink the water, Mr Faruq said, “Can Little Zayd and the other students with flash cards show them to the class.”

One card said, “Fill your glass with only as much water as you can drink.”

The second, “Sit down to drink water, and do so with your right hand.”

The third read, “Recite بِسْمِ اللّٰہ before drinking.”

The fourth said, “Always look in the glass before putting water in it in case there is anything inside it.”

And finally, the fifth said, “Drink water slowly in three breaths.”

“Dear students,” Mr Faruq explained, “this is the Sunnah way to drink water. You should drink water in this manner from now on.”

 “Yes, sir!” exclaimed all the children.




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