Testimonials and endorsements

Testimonials and endorsements

Owais Yameen Attari

Endorsements of Scholars

1.   Maulana Hafiz Muhammad Aslam Razavi

Principal, Jami’ah Islamiyyah Anwar-e-Taybah, Kharan, Balochistan:

‘Having read the Monthly Magazine: Faizan-e-Madinah, I must say that it is a valuable contribution to the religious and social development of men and women from all backgrounds. The diversity and richness of its content makes it pertinent reading for the young, elderly, students, scholars, and the wider public. From the depths of my heart, I pray that Allah Almighty grants Dawat-e-Islami growing success and continues to allow the message of Islam to permeate every corner of the globe through them.

2.   Maulana Qaari Muhammad Rafeeq Sa’eedi

Principal, Jami’ah Islamiyyah Anwar-e-Mustafa

‘By the grace of Allah عَزَّوَجَلَّ, I had the honour of reading Monthly Magazine: Faizan-e-Madinah. I am delighted by the programmes on Madani Channel. May Allah Almighty bless Dawat-e-Islami with great successes.’


3.   ‘The Monthly Magazine: Faizan-e-Madinah is an interesting magazine. It contains many beautiful and informative articles. I particularly enjoy reading the ‘Questions and Answers of Madani Muzakarah,’ ‘Appeal,’ ‘Dar-ul-Ifta Ahl-e-Sunnat,’ and the articles by Mufti Qasim sahib.’ (Muhammad Saqalayn Raza Attari, Hasan Abdaal, Attock)

4.   By the grace of Allah عَزَّوَجَلَّ, the diverse articles of Monthly Magazine: Faizan-e-Madinah provide a lot of beneficial insight and information. Reading the magazine motivated me to read other books.’ (Adnan Bakhsh, Karachi)

5.   ‘We learn a lot by reading Monthly Magazine: Faizan-e-Madinah. The historical stories in it are very impactful and motivate me to implement their morals in my own life.’ (Muhammad Siddeeq Shahid, Khanewal)

6.   ‘Monthly Magazine: Faizan-e-Madinah is a treasure cove of merits and impeccable writing. Articles are complemented with beautiful images and the quality of publication is a breath of fresh air. The magazines religious content is perfectly balanced with advice and guidance on managing everyday issues that face us all. By addressing both religious and societal needs, the magazine offers solutions to both spiritual and life problems. The language is clear, accessible, and readily understandable. The product of all these considerations is a significant piece of literature which not only brings the message of Dawat-e-Islami to people from all walks of life, but also offers shining Madani pearls that the average person can garner to polish their heart and soul. May Allah Almighty accept this tremendous effort of Dawat-e-Islami.’ (Bint-e-Abrar Madaniyyah, Jami’ah-tul-Madinah-lil-Banaat, Karachi)

7.   ‘Praise be to Allah عَزَّوَجَلَّ, Monthly Magazine: Faizan-e-Madinah is a thoroughly enjoyable read. I especially look forward to the ‘Madani Travelogue’ of Abdul Habib Attari. May Allah Almighty grant brother Abdul Habib Attari a long life full of goodness.’ (Bint-e-Zuhoor, Mandi Bahauddin)

8.   ‘In one word, Monthly Magazine: Faizan-e-Madinah is amazing. Every issue brings inspiring, relevant topics to readers. In the June 2020 issue, I learned many Madani pearls from an article by Haji Imran Attari. The magazine’s content appeals to both men and women.’ (Umm-e-Baghdad, Responsible Sister of Shu’bah Awraad-e-Attariyyah)




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