Simple Actions, Great Rewards

Perform some virtuous deeds

Simple actions, great rewards

Maulana Muhammad Afzal Attari Madani

Our Lord, Allah Almighty, is so generous that even the simplest of our actions are met with not just one reward, but ten, twenty-five, or even seventy times more reward from Him. Furthermore, Allah Almighty promises to reward many simple actions with the same reward that is gained upon performing Hajj and Umrah.

Necessary clarification

Hakeem-ul-Ummah, Mufti Ahmad Yar Khan Na’eemi رَحْمَةُ الـلّٰـهِ عَلَيْه explained: ‘Bear in mind that receiving the reward of Hajj is not equal to actually performing Hajj; in this context, reward of Hajj is mentioned but not that the duty of Hajj is fulfilled. This is similar to scientists stating that a large raisin contains the same amount of energy a bread; yet, a person can only be satiated by the bread. A person cannot survive by eating just 3 raisins twice a day. (Mirat-ul-Manajih, vol. 3, p. 346)

After this important clarification, here is a list of some key actions that entail the same reward as performing Hajj or Umrah:

Reward of one hundred Hajj

The Final Prophet of Allah Almighty صَلَّى الـلّٰـهُ عَلَيْهِ وَاٰلِهٖ وَسَلَّم said: ‘The one who recites سُـبْحٰـنَ الـلّٰــه 100 times in the morning and in the evening, is like the one who performed one hundred Hajj,’ (Tirmizi, vol. 5, p. 288, Hadees 3482)

Reward of a complete Hajj

The Holy Prophet صَلَّى الـلّٰـهُ عَلَيْهِ وَاٰلِهٖ وَسَلَّم stated: ‘The person who goes towards the Masjid in the morning, with the intention to teach or learn about virtue, will attain reward equivalent to the person who performs a complete Hajj.’ (Mu’jam Kabeer, vol. 8, p. 94, Hadees 7473)

Reward of Hajj and Umrah

Imam Ghazali رَحْمَةُ الـلّٰـهِ عَلَيْه writes: ‘Those who offer ‘Asr Salah in the Jami’ah Masjid will receive the reward of Hajj and those who offer Maghrib there too, they will gain the reward of Hajj and Umrah (i.e. this reward is for remaining in the Masjid after performing Jumu’a to offer Asr and Maghrib). (Ihya-ul-‘Uloom, vol. 1, p. 249)

Reward of one Hajj and Umrah

Sayyiduna Abu Hurayrah and Sayyiduna Abdullah Bin ‘Umar رَضِىَ الـلّٰـهُ عَـنْهُم relate: ‘Whoever aids their fellow Muslim, Allah Almighty shades that person with 75,000 angels who supplicate for him; and until he is finished, he is immersed in mercy and when he finishes, Allah Almighty grants him the reward of one Hajj and one Umrah. (Mu’jam Awsat, vol. 3, p. 222, Hadees 4396)




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