Reports And Important Documents

Do not waste

Reports and important documents

(Part 3)

Umm-e-Noor Attariyyah

A believer thanks Allah Almighty in health and sickness because the former is a bounty and the latter is a means for the expiation of sins. Since wellbeing and disease are a part of life and visits to the doctor are more frequent than most of us would like, there are a few pieces of advice I would like to share. Keep paperwork from eye tests, check-ups, and other medical services in a safe place. They can be useful in the future such as when completing certain forms. 

If you are doing the laundry and find something in children’s pockets, for example, be sure to ask if it is important before discarding of it.

By taking clear photos of important document, you can store them without cluttering your home. You can then store these images on your phone, email them to yourself, or upload them to a cloud service. Anyone who has experienced the pandemonium that ensues when trying to locate a particular document will immediately see the benefit of storing documents online as they can be located in seconds.

Children’s books, notepads, and stationary are often carelessly misplaced or binned. You should take care that pencils and pens are respected as they are instruments of knowledge and children should be taught this from the first day they put pen to paper. They need to be taught the value of everything related to knowledge and education so that they do not waste humble objects such as pencils, thinking them to be inexpensive and of little worth.

Remember! Taking complete use of the favours bestowed by Allah Almighty is not stinginess at all. Whereas, throwing them away when they are still usable is certainly wastage and sinful.




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