Connecting Our children to the Quran

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Connecting Our children to the Quran

Mawlana Aif Jahanzeb Attari

Imagine the Day of Judgement has begun. Humanity, from Prophet Ādam عَـلَيْـهِ الـسَّـلَام to the last human born, are stood in the Plains of Resurrection, overcome with fear and awe. Among the believers and disbelievers, the saints and sinners, your head is adorned with a radiant crown which outshines the Sun.[1]

How will you feel at that moment as endless joy surges through you! While people are accounted for their deeds and misdeeds, your distinguished standing brings you unprecedented happiness. Each one of us will avidly desire such an honour on the Day of Reckoning as it is a harbinger of salvation. Well, we can receive this blessing and be gifted this illustrious crown if we do one thing: deeply connect ourselves and our children to the Quran.

We must instil love of the Quran in their tender hearts and raise them as believers who not only recite this sacred Book but live it. Then, with Allah’s grace, we will be worthy of that crown. To help us, the following are key steps that we can take to forge this connection:

1.   A child mostly learns and picks up things from observing his parents, so the latter must first strengthen their connection with the Quran. Recite it regularly, read its translation, study its explanations, and strive to live by its timeless teachings. Your children will follow your example.

2.   Through hadith and accounts of the awliya and their relationship with the Quran, plant the seeds of loving the Quran in your children’s hearts and minds. The uniqueness of the Quran will also become apparent to them, and they will realise it is a book like no other. They shall also come to know of how learning the Quran leads to goodness in this life and the hereafter. Children will apply themselves to it as a result. 

3.   Practically demonstrate the centrality of the Quran in life by giving Quran education more importance than worldly learning. By making the Quran a secondary concern, children will not give it due consideration.

4.   Ask your children questions about the Quran, and reward them upon answering these correctly so their minds become interested in Quranic knowledge. For example: What is the shortest sūrah? What is the longest sūrah? What is the name of the first sūrah? What is the final sūrah?

5.   Do not force children to undertake any task. Incline them towards knowledge of the Quran with love and affection, so that there is no cause for reprimanding them.

6.   When you intend to teach your child the Quran, ensure that the environment is positive, peaceful, and conducive to learning. A serene atmosphere has positive effects on children.

7.   When a child begins to recite the Quran, the greatness and importance of this should be made clear to them. They should be told reciters of the Quran stay away from evils like lying, backbiting, tale-bearing, and deception, etc. One should practically avoid these acts himself and make complete effort in safeguarding his children also.

Dear parents! When you are successful in instilling the importance and grandeur of the Quran in the child’s heart, there will not be further need for struggle. In order to make the child reach this position, you will have to strive yourself and keep your children adherent to these points. Reading Maktabat al-Madinah’s publication Excellence of Reciting The Holy Quran is immensely beneficial in this endeavour.

[1] Sunan Abī Dāwūd: 1,453




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