Raise your children to be brave

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Raise your children to be brave

Dr Zahoor Ahmad Danish

I love my family, and I am sure the reader loves theirs. This is not a strange feeling. It is in our nature to feel this way. We may express love for children in different ways, but do parents raise their children well whilst focussing on their intellectual and psychological well-being? Think for a moment. If we—the parents—pass away, will our children be left to the mercy of other people? Should they live in fear, or is it better to enhance their character and make them brave and courageous? Inculcating bravery in a child involves the growth of confidence and enhancing the skills needed to tackle and solve problems. In light of psychological studies, medical advice, and experience, here are 12 ways in which you can instil mental fortitude in a child.  

1. Unconditional love and help

Tell your children you love them and will support them no matter what. This method creates a secure base from which children can step out into the world with confidence.

2. Give them responsibilities

In order to develop maturity in children, give them tasks and responsibilities that are suitable for their age.

3. Teach problem-solving skills

Enhance problem-solving skills in your children by discussing challenges and brainstorming possible solutions. Teach them about critical thinking and decision making. Inspire them to be confident and unafraid of making mistakes, as failure is part of the learning process.

4. Share personal experiences

Educate your children on how to be brave when faced with difficulties. Talk openly about how you overcame fear and took risks.

5. Praise effort

Encourage your children to do their best and praise their efforts, regardless of the outcome. Pay attention to their attitude and determination, and be motivational when necessary.

6. Emotional regulation

Help your children understand their emotions effectively and how to express them. Inform them how to manage their emotions by teaching them breathing and relaxation techniques. If they are stressed or suffering from low self-esteem, recommend exercise.

7. Provide your children with new experiences

Introduce your children to new experiences and skills. Give examples of difficult scenarios and discuss possible solutions.

8. Read books on bravery

Give your children books that emphasise the importance of bravery, overcoming obstacles and facing fear. Discuss stories and their characters in order to build their courage.

9. Celebrate success

Celebrate the accomplishments of your child whilst adhering to Islamic law. Acknowledge their progress and efforts in order to increase their confidence and motivation to face new challenges.

10. Encourage independence

Allow your children to take responsibilities and make decisions that are suitable for their age. This helps in developing self-confidence.

11. Promote physical activities

Encourage your children to participate in sports and other physical activities. Physical challenges build mental resilience and bravery.

12. Maintain a positive environment

Create a positive and supportive environment at home in which your child feels safe to express himself.  




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