Beneficial diet for jaundice patients

‘Yarqan’, ‘Jaundice’ and ‘Hepatitis’ are the different names of the same disease. It is a disease that causes skin, sclera and the different membranes of body to become yellow. For this reason, jaundice is also called ‘Peelya’[in Urdu]. Following are the names of some diets which can be beneficial for the patients of jaundice.


Sugarcane is good for digestion and it further improves liver function. Jaundice patients can recover quickly by drinking a glass of sugarcane juice daily.

Tomato juice

Tomato also helps increase red blood cells in human body. It contains lycopene that reduces the risk of liver diseases. Drinking one glass of tomato juice mixed with salt and black pepper daily in the morning can cure jaundice quickly.

Radish leaves

Radish leaves can also be beneficial for treating jaundice because they contain such compounds which improve the function of intestines. Drinking one glass of juice of radish leaves daily can cure jaundice quickly.


Lemon is very beneficial for treating jaundice. It protects liver cells from any harm. Lemonade drink can also be prepared and drunk.

Papaya leaves

Using the paste of ‘papaya leaves’ continuously for two weeks can easily cure the disease of jaundice.


Spinach is rich in iron so spinach juice is also an effective home remedy for jaundice patients. Using carrots with spinach leaves is also beneficial for health.


Buttermilk does not cause any kind of fat in the body so it is also an excellent beverage for digestion. If it is drunk daily by adding to it a pinch of salt, black pepper and cumin seed, it can cure the patient of jaundice.


Jaundice patients feel small appetite. So, during the illness, they should strictly avoid fatty (heavy), oily (fried and over spicy) food items and the food items containing protein. The patients should eat boiled fresh leafy green vegetables without Ghee. Using excessive Ghee can also be very harmful. In this condition, the patients should consume a lot of fluids such as fresh juice, Kachi Lassi (i.e., prepared by mixing water in milk), glucose etc. Jaundice patients should use fruits abundantly.


It is requested to consult your physician before receiving any treatment.




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