Benefits of Potatoes

Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables

Benefits of potatoes

Ejaz Nawaz Attari Madani

Information on potatoes

Potatoes are a favourite vegetable of young and old and is a popular vegetable grown all year round. It would not be wrong to call it the king of vegetables. Potatoes are also a source of relief from many major and painful diseases. A Potato is cold and dry in its nature.

Different types of potato curries

Potato and meat, potato and minced meat, potato and cabbage, potato and onion, potato and peas, potato and chickpeas, potato and spinach, potato and eggplant, potato and radish, potato stew, potato and cheese, etc.

Nutrients in potatoes

One cup of cooked potatoes (173 grams) contains 161 calories, vitamin B6, potassium, copper, vitamin C, manganese, phosphorus, fibre, vitamin B3, pantothenic acid, 29% carbohydrates and 8.5% protein.

Some benefits of potatoes

* Potatoes improve mental health, strengthen the bones and body, and relax the organs.

* If a potato is cut and immediately rubbed on burnt skin, it protects the skin and removes the burn-mark.

* The use of potato pieces helps to remove the swelling of the eyes and dark circles.

* Potatoes are also useful in making the hair long and black.

Boiled potatoes

* The use of boiled potatoes is the best treatment for children's thinness and weakness.

* Eating plain boiled potatoes can also help in weight loss.

Roasted potatoes

* Roasting an equal amount of potatoes and radishes and adding fennel, salt and pepper as per need is useful for kidney pain and kidney stones. (Gharaylu ‘Ilaj, p. 51)

* For joint pain, take 120 grams of roasted potatoes, 30 grams of tomatoes and a little ginger together on a daily basis.

Potato chips (French fries)

Potato chips are eaten a lot with tomato ketchup, mayonnaise, mint sauce and spices. If cooked in ghee or oil, they cause high cholesterol and obesity, so they should be eaten less. These are very harmful for diabetic patients.

White and red potatoes, and new and old potatoes

There is no significant difference in the nutritional ingredients of both, white and red skin potatoes. However, new potatoes are tastier than old potatoes; the skin of an old potato is harder, and the skin of a new potato is softer.

Use of potatoes for cleaning

Boil potatoes in silverware, and do not take out the water from the silverware for an hour. Then, wash the utensils and they will shine.


Fried potatoes are very harmful especially for diabetic patients. Eating potatoes with garam masala is more beneficial. There is a chance of losing the vitamins by cooking the potato after peeling it. Eating raw potato causes stomach pain; therefore, eat them cooked.

Grow potatoes at home

Cut a potato into two pieces and dry it for 24 hours. Place it inside a pot filled with six to eight inches of organic fertilizer. Keep the cut-piece on the top. Now, pour enough water to make the fertilizer slightly wet. The potato plant will be ready in 10 weeks. (Ghaza say ‘Ilaj ka Insaiklopedia, p. 102; ‘Ilaj bil Ghaza, p. 190; Aalu ki Ahmiyyat aur Masnu’aat, p. 17; Various Internet Sites)

Note: Use each prescription with the advice of your doctor (physician or hakeem[1]). The medical research of this topic was done by Hakeem Muhammad Khaleel Attari.

[1] Herbalist




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