Foods that provide calcium to bones

Calcium is utmost necessary for the physical growth of body and bones. Bones and teeth have higher deposits of calcium. In this modern age, calorie-enriched foods are causing calcium deficiency. Cracking of bones, bone and joint pain, and crooked hands and legs are the symptoms of calcium deficiency. Some food items which overcome calcium deficiency are appended below:

Leafy vegetables

Cabbage, mushroom, broccoli and other leafy vegetables are extremely beneficial to overcome calcium deficiency.


Beans are a source for providing a high level of calcium for a human body. For example, wax beans, cowpea, cluster beans, green beans, etc. are enriched with protein along with calcium.


Milk plays a vital role in strengthening bones, joints and muscles. A quarter litre of milk contains 30% calcium and a plentiful quantity of Vitamin D. Moreover, food items made from milk like cheese, yoghurt, butter, etc. are also a means of providing calcium to the body.


It is an easy source for vitamins. Egg yolk is rich in Vitamin D.


Fish is also a source of calcium for bones. According to experts, those people who eat fish as food live longer. Fish contains such nutrients which are not found in any other type of meat. For example, it contains iodine which is extremely important for health. It has also been considered to be beneficial for avoiding heart attack. (Derived from: Machhli kay ‘Aja’ibaat, pp. 37)


To cater for the calcium requirement for bones, make spinach a part of your diet at least once a week. Spinach not only contains 25% calcium, but it is also rich in Fibre, Iron and Vitamin A.

Orange juice

Orange juice is an easy source of calcium. It has been proved by research that Ascorbic Acid found in orange juice increases body’s capability to absorb calcium.


Almond is a source of calcium and makes bones strong. Moreover, almond is also a source of healthful fat that is extremely beneficial to our overall health.

How to take calcium supplements?

Calcium obtained through natural sources is more beneficial to health. Sometimes, after diagnosing calcium deficiency, doctors prescribe medicines to overcome it. Prolonged use of these medicines can affect kidneys. Food items are the best source of calcium; even then, sometimes, there is a need for additional calcium intake. Remember, don’t take calcium supplement along with other medicines, because it will decrease the effectiveness of other medicines; for example, calcium will reduce the effects of iron and antibiotic. Do not take more than 500 mg calcium at a time.

Note: Please use every medicine after consulting your Doctor or Hakeem. From medical point of view, this article has been checked by Hakeem Rizwan Firdaus Attari.




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