If something gets into the eye!

If something gets into the eye, it stresses one severely and is very painful. Moreover, we often increase this pain due to our unawareness. In case of something gets into the eye, we can reduce our and others’ stress by following the below mentioned guidelines:

1     First of all, wash your hands thoroughly with a soap.

2     Take clean and lukewarm water in a clean glass or cup, and bring it close to the eye in such a way that its edge lies by the bone of the lower edge of the eye. Moreover, soak the eye in it while keeping the eye open.

3     Make water flow on the forehead above the affected eye under the shower/tap and keep the eye open during this process.

4     Remove contact lenses if you are wearing them, as something that enters the eye, at times also gets stuck to the lens.

5     If something goes in someone else’s eye, then make him sit at a well-lit place. In order to examine the eye, lift the upper eye lash upward repeatedly and ask the patient to look downwards. Similarly, lower the lower eye lash and ask the patient to look upwards.

6     Wash the eyes with clean and lukewarm water using a medicine dropper, which is normally easily available; or recline your head backwards and pour clean water slowly on the surface of the eye from a clean glass. This way, the dirt of eye will be removed, اِنْ شَآءَاللہ عَزَّ وَجَلَّ.

Further three precautions

7     If something is stuck in the eye or the substance is sticky, then do not try to remove it forcibly and do not rub the eye either.

8     If you feel pain, redness, swelling in the eye or have difficulty in seeing, then get it checked up by an eye specialist.

9     Remember! Sometimes something that goes in the eye comes out after leaving a scratch. Due to this scratch, one gets the feeling of the thing to be still in the eye. This feeling normally goes away in 12x2 hours.




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