Cramps in muscles due to heat

In summer, a cramp or stiffness in muscles is produced itself that is very painful.


Working hard or taking exercise in hot environment causes a person to sweat due to which water and salt levels are reduced in the body. So when water and salt levels are reduced in the body, one gets cramps in his muscles.

Affected muscles

In this state, generally all the muscles of the body, which are used greatly in summer, are affected, but especially shins, arms, shoulders, belly and back are affected more.

Precautions and immediate solution

1 Take a rest at any cold place for a little while.

2 Use salted water or juice.

3 Take gentle exercise that includes the movement and massage of the affected part in different manners.

4 When stiffness and pain go away, take a complete rest. Do not start working immediately.

5 If stiffness and pain persist, seek advice from a doctor.




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