Skin blisters

If blisters appear on the skin causing no severe pain, do not burst them because the water inside the blisters protects from bacteria and helps prevent the infection. Put on a clean and germ-free bandage (sterilise gauze) on it and apply a bandage with a paper tape. If the blister causes pain and discomfort while walking and performing other routine activities, then as an immediate first aid treatment, extract water from the blister to reduce the pain without removing the skin following the prescribed method:

1 Wash your hands and boil with lukewarm water using soap.

2 Clean it with an antiseptic using germ-free bandage (sterile gauze).

3 Take a clean needle and clean it with spirit, penetrate it into the boil from the sides without damaging its skin in a way that the water inside the boil may flow out.

4 Apply a clean bandage after putting an antiseptic ointment on the boil. Change the dressing daily.

If you are unable to do so or experience difficulty while doing it, then contact your doctor immediately. Moreover, if pain and signs continue to exist, consult your doctor.




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