The Young Hafiz

Intelligent Children

The Young Hafiz

Abu Tayyib Madani (Shahzayb)

Dear intelligent Children! Today we are going to read about the intelligence of an eighth century child who had the esteemed blessing of a good memory and he took full advantage of it.

This little boy was Muhammad Bin Ya’qoob. At the young age of seven, he memorized the entire Quran, the beloved word of Allah Almighty and became a Hafiz of all thirty parts of the Holy Quran. He says that he would not sleep without memorising two hundred lines.

After memorising the Holy Quran, he began to acquire the knowledge of religion with great diligence and then there came a time when he became a great religious scholar. He has written books on various topics, one of which is the famous book اَلْقَامُوسُ الْمُحِیْط. This book is on Arabic linguistics and has four volumes. (Basa`irZawi- tamyeez, vol. 1, p. 2; Al-‘Alam lil Zarkali, vol. 7, p. 146)

Dear wise children! Even today all around us, in school and in tuition places, there are children whose memory is very good. They memorise all of their work very quickly. If you do not have this ability, do not be disappointed. Do not give up, but be determined and keep working hard. اِنْ شَــآءَالـلّٰـه one day, you will definitely succeed through your hard work.




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