Madani pearls of tying ‘Imamah

Dear Islamic brothers! Amongst the Sunnahs of the Beloved Rasool صَلَّى اللهُ تَعَالٰى عَلَيْهِ وَاٰلِهٖ وَسَلَّم, a very beautiful and beloved Sunnah is ‘Imamah [Islamic turban]. Make good intentions before tying ‘Imamah. If there is not a single good intention present at the time of tying Imamah, no Sawab [reward] will be earned. Therefore, at least do make this intention: I am tying ‘Imamah as a Sunnah and to please Allah عَزَّوَجَلَّ.

Madani pearls of tying Imamah

٭ ‘Allamah Shaykh ‘Abdul Haq Muhaddis Dihlvi رَحْمَةُ اللهِ تَعَالٰی عَلَيْه has stated: A person should tie ‘Imamah in the state of Taharah [purity] while standing and facing the Qiblah. A person should not remove Imamah at once; rather, he should untie it by unfolding each layer in turns. He should untie it in the same manner as he had tied it by folding each layer on top of one another. After tying ‘Imamah, one should adjust it properly by looking into a mirror or water or something alike (which reflects images). Moreover, he should tie ‘Imamah with a Shimlah[1]. (Kashf-ul-Iltibas fis-Tihbab-il-Libas, pp. 38)

٭ It is better that the first layer of ‘Imamah is folded towards the right side of the head. (Fatawa Razawiyyah, vol. 22, pp. 199)

٭ The minimum length of the Shimlah (of the Imamah) is equal to four fingers’ width and maximum length is [equal to] an arm’s length (i.e. up to half of the back). (Fatawa Razawiyyah, vol. 22, pp. 182)

٭ For ‘Imamah, it is Sunnah that [the length of] ‘Imamah should neither be more than 6 yards nor less than 2.5 yards. (Fatawa Razawiyyah, vol. 22, pp. 186)

To learn the excellence and rulings on ‘Imamah in detail, read the book ‘Imamah kay Fazaail’, published by Maktaba-tul-Madinah.

[1] The last part of the ‘Imamah at the back which is left hanging.




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