Ameer-e-Ahl-e-Sunnat’s message to the welfare department of Dawat-e-Islami / The Establishment of the Dawat-e-Islami Welfare Trust

نَحْمَدُہٗ وَنُصَلِّيْ وَنُسَلِّمُ عَلٰی رَسُوْلِهِ النَّبِیِّ الْکَرِیْم

From Sag-e-Madinah, Muhammad Ilyas Attar Qaadiri Razavi عُفِیَ عَنْہُ to my beloved Madani son, Hajji Shafa’at Ali Attari and all the devotees of the Prophet from Dawat-e-Islami’s welfare trust:

اَلسَّلَامُ عَلَیْکُمْ وَرَحْمَـةُ اللّٰہِ وَبَرَکَاتُہ

مَاشَــآءَالـلّٰـه! Your hard work and efforts are most welcomed and commended! During this current pandemic of the Coronavirus, the welfare trust of Dawat-e-Islami has been buying food, packing and distributing provisions, distributing money, delivering cooked meals, travelling far and wide for distribution, even spending their Suhoor and Iftar there during the month of Ramadan and their hard work on the days of ‘Eid is to be commended also. Alongside helping out at the hospitals, they are also spending time with the elderly in old people’s homes as well as with orphans in orphanages; a job well done indeed! May Allah Almighty accept your efforts, grant you great reward, and grant you steadfastness. I have the opportunity to see you regularly on the Madani News of Madani Channel and I observe your efforts also. My beloved Madani sons! You must not turn back now; ever since the founding of Dawat-e-Islami, it has only progressed further ahead, and your department should also continue to progress further ahead. When a violent storm struck and when fires broke out in Landhi (Karachi), you also helped out in these instances; and when the seven-story building collapsed in Nayabad (Karachi), you also lent a helping hand there as well - مَاشَــآءَالـلّٰـه - most likely, you must have also carried out some labour work there as well. May Allah Almighty grant you blessings, determination, help you, and give you even more helpers - continue to move well ahead and continue to attain the pleasure of Allah Almighty. I will present one Hadith to you as a gift: The Beloved Prophet صَلَّی اللہُ تَعَالٰی عَلَیْہِ وَاٰلِہٖ وَسَلَّم said, ‘The one who sets out to fulfil a need of a Muslim, Allah Almighty shades him with seventy-five thousand angels who supplicate for him, he remains immersed in mercy until he finishes, and when he finishes, Allah Almighty writes the reward of a Hajj and ‘Umrah for him.’ (Majma’ al-Zawaa’id, vol. 8, pp. 354, Hadith 13725)

Furthermore, I request that you also keep paying attention to the twelve Madani works of Dawat-e-Islami. Serve the distressed nation of the Beloved Prophet and also continue to partake in the twelve Madani works of Dawat-e-Islami as well. May Allah Almighty eradicate the Coronavirus and may the lockdown come to an end. When Masajid return to normality, take part in the weekly Sunnah-inspired gathering and spend the night there, travel for three days of every month in the Madani Qafilahs in order to keep learning and teaching Sunnahs, continue to spread the call to righteousness through the ‘Ilaqa’i Daurah, listen to and deliver dars, take account of yourself every day by acting upon the Madani In’amaat booklet and filling in the boxes within it, and hand it into your local responsible brother on the first of every Islamic month, اِنْ شَــآءَالـلّٰـه. May Allah Almighty keep you happy.

صَلُّوْا عَلَی الْحَبِیْب!                      صَلَّی اللّٰہُ عَلٰی مُحَمَّد


Ameer-e-Ahl-e-Sunnat’s message to the welfare department of Dawat-e-Islami / The Establishment of the Dawat-e-Islami Welfare Trust

During the recent lockdown caused by the Coronavirus epidemic, the Markazi Majlis-e-Shura [Central Executive Committee] of Dawat-e-Islami established the Dawat-e-Islami Welfare Trustto help the poor, needy, and deserving people. By the grace of Allāh Almighty, those responsible for this Trust immediately began the process of helping the needy. They started door-to-door distribution of rations, milk, cooked food and cash amounts to the poor in deprived and remote communities of Karachi. Following this, a series of relief activities of the Dawat-e-Islami Welfare Trust were started in other cities of Pakistan, step by step, and then in many countries of the world. During this time, special attention was continuously given to the self-respect of the recipients. اَلْـحَمْـدُ لـِلّٰـه, assistance has been provided to more than 500,000 families under the Dawat-e-Islami Welfare Trust.

Even on the incident of the plane crash in Karachi before Eid, the workers of the Trust reached the place of the incident and distributed food and water to the members of the rescue teams and the people affected in the vicinity.

Dawat-e-Islami has also always been at the forefront of relief activities in the past on the incidents of various natural disasters, earthquakes, floods, etc. and will not fall behind in any such difficult time in the future either. اِنْ شَــآءَالـلّٰـه, permanent types of welfare activities will also be launched very soon under the Dawat-e-Islami Welfare Trust.

All the readers of Faizān-e-Madīnah monthly are requested to use the wealth bestowed upon them by Allāh Almighty for the help of His bondsmen and to support the Dawat-e-Islami Welfare Trust as much as possible. اِنْ شَــآءَالـلّٰـه, you will attain blessings in this world and in the Hereafter.




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