Interpretation of Your Dreams

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Interpretation of Your Dreams

Mawlana Muhammad Asad Attari Madani

Dream: I was wearing a gold ring in the dream. In another instance, I saw myself in Makkah and Madinah when suddenly everyone around me began to run from a flood. I clung to the Green Dome.

Interpretation: As for the first dream, it is a positive dream for a woman and signals increased wealth, status, and honour. The second dream signals hardship. Give charity and pray to Allah for ease.

­­Dream: My mother saw my father giving her poultry.

Interpretation: This is not a meaningful dream. It is normal to dream about everyday matters like this.

Dream: I saw a calamity passing overhead and heading towards my maternal uncle’s son. I then proceeded to shout and tell him, “A calamity is coming.”

Interpretation: May Allah Almighty protect you and him. Supplicate and read the prescribed litanies for protection.

Dream: I saw a green dome which had light and smoke rising near it. I get close to it and say, “This is not Madinah, but the dome of our graveyard.” A man is with me whom I do not see, and he says, “A ticket to Madinah can be attained here.” When I look down, I see a plane next to the dome. The man with me said, “Take a maram[1] with you and go.” An unknown child then appears, and I submit his passport and mine to the man.

Interpretation: May Allah Almighty grant you countless visits of Madinah with utmost decorum. This dream is a sign of your love for the blessed city. Strive to find the means of travelling there. Supplicate and continue making requests to the beloved Prophet صَلَّى الـلّٰـهُ عَلَيْهِ وَاٰلِهٖ وَسَلَّم. You will be blessed to visit Madinah with the grace of Allah.

Dream: What does it mean to see a domesticated eagle in one’s dream?

Interpretation: Seeing an eagle obeying you is a sign of receiving a position of authority, being someone who helps others, and gaining strength.

Dream: What does it mean to see wheat kernels in one’s dream?

Interpretation: Seeing wheat kernels is a sign of being wealthy. If the individual who saw this dream is poor, their sustenance will be increased.

Dream: My mother saw my deceased grandmother in her dream last night. She was wearing white clothing and her face was resplendent with light. She said to my mother, “I am going for umrah. All of you take care of yourselves.”

Interpretation: This is a good dream. Seeing someone who has passed away in good condition is a positive sign. Having said this, continue to make duʿā for her and convey reward to her soul profusely.

[1] In this case, a male relative from her unmarriageable kin.




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