Interpretation of Your Dreams

The World of Dreams

Interpretation of Your Dreams

Mawlana Muhammad Asad Attari Madani

Dream: I saw my late wife crying.

Interpretation: Seeing a deceased person crying due to pain has negative implications. Pray for her and perform abundant deeds on her behalf, such as giving charity. Pay the monetary expiation for the salah and fasts she missed during her lifetime, and if anybody has any rights over the deceased, take steps to fulfil them or ask for them to be pardoned.

Dream: I saw a dream in which my clothes were torn.

Interpretation: Torn clothes signal the exposure of a secret. The one who sees his own clothing torn should guard his words and avoid indiscriminately sharing his private matters with others, lest he ends up in difficulty.

Dream: What does it means to drink milk in one’s dream?

Interpretation: If the milk is sweet and from a halal animal, it has a positive interpretation, signalling  blessings in halal wealth and sustenance. The one who saw this dream should be grateful to Allah Almighty.

Dream: My honourable mother is 45 years old, and she often sees a dream where she finds a small girl in an alleyway. She takes the girl home and raises her. Similarly, she once found the girl had fallen into a gutter.

Answer: Sometimes, due to lingering thoughts, one sees meaningless dreams which have no interpretation. One should not give any importance to such dreams.

Dream: What does it mean when a person dreams of lots of head lice coming from their head?

Answer: The interpretation of such a dream depends on the dreamer’s individual circumstances. Generally, it is a sign of a mischievous individual. If a person sees himself removing them from his head and discarding them or killing them, he will attain salvation from mischievous individuals, by Allah’s grace.




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