Interpretation of Your Dreams

The World of Dreams

Interpretation of Your Dreams

Mawlana Muhammad Asad Attari Madani

Dream: I dreamt my motorcycle was stolen. What does this signify?

Interpretation: If you possess a motorcycle, make sure you look after it! Having said that, it does not mean that your bike will be stolen in real life. Thoughts, memories, or newfound events sometimes manifest as dreams. Do ensure to look after your belongings in any case.

Dream: I saw myself calling others to righteousness in my dream. What does this mean?

Interpretation: This is an exceptionally positive dream. This is evidence Allah Almighty shall allow you to carry out this action. Try your best and you will find blessings at every turn.

Dream: In my dream, I saw myself in a garden plot. This had water coming into it from our home’s water tank. I break the stem of a rosebush, which has two roses upon it. One is blossoming fully, whilst the other is about to. When I turn around, I find I have forgotten where my home is. I only find it after some effort and searching. I then enter my home with the rose stem in my hand.

Interpretation: Overall, there are good interpretations attached to seeing a rose. If a married person sees this, there is good news they shall be blessed with a male child.

Dream: I saw two people in black burqas standing in my room. One was holding a child by the neck. One of the people say to me, “That tawīdh (amulet) you’re wearing around your neck; take it off, or I’ll strangle this child.” I don’t take it off however, but they proceed to then hit me.

Interpretation: These kind of dreams are from Satan. Recite awl (لاحول) in abundance. Make a habit of reciting Āyat al-Kursī, Sūrah al-Falaq and Sūrah al-Nās before sleeping. You will not see dreams like this, and you will be safeguarded from their negative impacts, اِنْ شَــآءَالـلّٰـه.

Dream: I dreamt that I have ten sons.

Interpretation: Some desire to have many children. Mostly, sons are sought after. The dream you saw is good. Thank Allah, as this is a sign you will receive a bounty from Him.

Dream: I saw myself offering Friday or Eid prayer in a masjid. An earthquake suddenly begins, and everyone runs in panic. Only I remain standing behind the imam.

Interpretation: May Allah Almighty have mercy on you and bless you. Seeing an earthquake in your dream can have a negative implication. Yet you remained standing in prayer, and this is something good. You may face difficulties in carrying out your acts of worship, but if you remain steadfast, you shall receive unique abilities and opportunities from Allah Almighty. This will make you unshakeably firm in your acts of worship. If possible, give charity in the way of Allah Almighty. 




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