Interpretation of Your Dreams

The World of Dreams

Interpretation of Your Dreams

Mawlana Muhammad Asad Attari Madani

Dream: On the night of 22 July 2022, I saw a dream in which I went for Umrah with my parents.

Interpretation: It is a good dream and is a sign that you will have the honour of performing it in reality too. Along with taking the necessary steps to make this happen, you must continue supplicating to Allah that He enables you to make the sacred journey.

Dream: What does it mean if you see a cow in your dream? I often dream of enraged cows running away.

Interpretation: Dreams of cows can be interpreted in many ways. In some cases, it is a sign of a drought, and in other cases, it is a sign of prosperity. Also, the interpretation will change with the changing of the cow’s colour and appearance. Therefore, if a cow was seen with a specific appearance, then a specific interpretation can be given.

Dream: My aunty had a dream in which she was being chased by dogs, and some of them were barking too.

Interpretation: It is a sign of a weak enemy; she should pray to Allah Almighty for protection, give charity, and implement measures to ensure the safety of herself and her family. She will remain protected from any harm, اِنْ شَــآءَالـلّٰـه.

Dream: I dreamt of eating tasty desserts and sweets.

Interpretation: It is a good dream. Seeing yourself eating something sweet is a sign of good news. Likewise, it also signals the fulfilment of a permissible desire.

Dream: I dreamt that I was eating cooked meat.

Interpretation: It is a good dream that signals an increase in sustenance if it was the meat of a halal animal. It is also a sign of relief for the one in financial difficulty.

Dream: I have seen green grass and red carrots in my dream.

Interpretation: It is a good dream that signals the virtue of the dreamer’s religion. Allah Almighty will grant you openings in your religious affairs. Therefore, worship Him more and reap His mercy.

Dream: What is the meaning of dreaming that a living family member has died? Should they be told about such a dream?

Interpretation: There are many cases in regard to seeing a family member as deceased in a dream. Some are good whilst others are not. Their interpretation varies based on their difference. One should avoid mentioning their dreams to others; only mention a good dream and that too only to a good friend or to a dream interpreter. You should not mention your dream to everyone.




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