Interpretation of Your Dreams

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Interpretation of Your Dreams

Mawlana Muhammad Asad Attari Madani

Dream: I saw myself reading the noble Quran, and saw Surah al-Fātia written out.

Interpretation: Reading the noble Quran in a dream signifies blessings, bounties, the power to do good, and many other glad tidings. However, the interpretation regarding differing chapters and specific verses can vary. In a dream, al-Fātia signals cure for a patient and the fulfilment of a need.

Dream: What interpretation can be made if you see the shrines of the friends of Allah رَحِمَهُمُ الـلّٰـهُ in a dream? Note: It is not known which pious predecessor the shrine belongs to.

Interpretation: Seeing the shrines of saints is a blessing and suggests that the dreamer is under the special care and spiritual gaze of the saint who is resting in that shrine. It also portends spiritual blessings for the dreamer from that saint.

Dream: I saw a buffalo calf and an abundance of goats inside my house in a dream. What is its interpretation?

Interpretation: This is a good dream and a harbinger of bounties and blessings, especially if there was a constraint in sustenance beforehand. This dream signals that Allah Almighty will remove this constraint and grant vastness in sustenance. Also, it is a sign that lack of blessings will be distanced from the house.

Dream: About three months after my grandfather’s death, I dreamt of a black veil in my home, from behind which a voice could be heard. I and my family were calling out, “Allah,” and asking for our grandfather to be returned to us. The voice said, We send servants to the world only once. Be patient! All my family members then fell silent and got up from that place, but I continued to sit and offer the same du’a. I continued receiving the same answer as before, but I constantly prayed, "O Allah! Send my grandfather back.” Subsequently, the voice said, Go! Bring him from the graveyard.” My elder brother and younger uncle proceeded to the graveyard to find him, and when they brought our grandfather to us, we found him to be completely exhausted. Please mention the interpretation of this dream and what the voice behind the veil was.

Interpretation: Dreams involving deceased loved ones are common. Since there is a strong relationship with close relatives, it is common to see the deceased for some time after death. You should pray for your grandfather and convey reward to him in abundance. Consider whether anyone has a right over the deceased, and if this is the case, make arrangements for the fulfilment of the right or for it to be forgiven.




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