Amazing Animal Stories

The Whining Donkey

Maualan Abu Muawiyah Attari Madani

‘Why are you so upset when the weather is so lovely? What made you upset?’ Shayf the monkey asked his neighbour—the donkey—when going outside.

‘Ah, what am I supposed to say! I have become fed up with people. They do not treat me well’, replied the donkey without explaining how.

 Enquiring further, the monkey insisted: ‘My dear friend, at least tell me what happened which has led you to become upset with everyone.’

The donkey explained: ‘Well, people do not respect my kind in the slightest. Everyone looks down upon us. People insult others by calling them our name and saying: “Are you a donkey? You’re a total donkey!” However, we do not deserve to be treated this way as we benefit everyone; whether it be a case of having to carry the others’ goods, carry water or help in any other way, we are handy to all people.’ After completing what he had to say, the donkey began to cry.

In an attempt to console him, Shayf the monkey said: ‘My dear friend, all of you are good. There is no doubt that you help everyone. Who can deny your goodness?’

‘Yes, you are right,’ interrupted the Donkey, ‘nobody can deny our services. However, nobody acknowledges them either. We are just here to be abused! That’s it, I have decided that there is no need to keep any link with people. After today, I will remain in my home and not meet anyone.’

Listening to the donkey made Shayf remember his own pain and sorrows, and hence, he also said: ‘We too are not thought of in a positive way. You made the right decision after becoming fed up with people’s attitude. Just like you, I too will not meet with anyone and boycott all.’

And so, both the donkey and monkey did not leave their homes for a few days, nor did they meet anyone. As a result, the deer, who was a friend of the donkey, visited his home. Knocking the door, the deer called out, ‘Donkey, hey donkey!’

‘Who is it?’ asked the donkey.

‘It’s me, your friend, the deer. Open the door’, responded the deer.

The donkey opened the door and said: ‘Welcome. I hope all is well.’

‘Yes, yes, all is well. I came to see how you were as I hadn’t seen you around for a few days’, replied the deer. Then, the donkey told the deer of the conversation that took place between him and the monkey. 

Comforting the donkey, the deer said: ‘My friend, you shouldn’t get upset. Build courage!’

‘Deer, my friend, you don’t have any stress. Everyone likes you. People draw comparisons using you when they want to say how beautiful something is. Everyone has a lot of respect for you. On the other hand, nobody treats us this way’, responded the donkey.

Explaining with wisdom, the deer said: ‘Everyone is special in their own way and has their own role to play. Look, everyone needs you. You are given a separate, fine home to stay in. You are fed delicious foods three times a day. However, look at us. First, we are hunted with a bullet or an arrow, and then we are barbecued and eaten. Now, tell me, what good is it to us if we are praised for our beauty?’

The deer’s words sank in, and so both the donkey and deer went to the monkey. There, they explained the same point to him, and so he too became content.

Dear children, some people have a habit of making people lose hope instead of building their courage. However, we should not become upset at what such people say. In fact, we should not pay any attention to them. Instead, we should work even harder in all the good works we are doing and keep excelling.




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