Amazing Animal Stories

 The Oppressed Bird

Mawlana Shahbaz Attari Madani

Three families of birds lived on a tree. Their homes were at different parts of the tree, some higher, some lower. A family of sparrows lived in the lowest part, a pair of mynahs and their three children lived in the middle, and a family of pigeons lived at the top, with their two children. These three families all loved and would take care of one another.

At night, the adults would sit on the top branch of the tree and talk. The children would stay on the bottom branch, playing with each other and enjoying themselves.

One cold, winter evening, the adults were talking and the children playing as they normally would when a large gang of crows appeared overhead. They saw the large tree the three bird families lived in, and all of them landed upon it. The biggest of all the crows started saying to the birds: “You have lived here long enough. From now, us crows will stay here. Go find someplace else!”

The sparrow cried: “There are other trees nearby big enough for you to live in. Why don’t you make your home there instead?”

“You take this home and try to leave us homeless? This is completely unfair!” added the mynah and pigeon.

The biggest crow became angry, “You have until evening tomorrow. Find somewhere else to live, otherwise, we will take your homes,” he bellowed. The crows then took off.

The birds were worried. They had only one day to come up with a plan. As the night rolled in, the children slept peacefully, unaware of what had happened. The parents though were awake all night, thinking and worrying.

“What should we do?” the sparrow asked, “my children are little, and it will take at least a week to build a new home. How will we survive the bitter cold?”

The mynahs were crying by now, “If we stay here, the crows will kill us, and if we leave, we will die from the cold outside,” they wept. They looked around but could not see the pigeons anywhere. “Where are the pigeons?” they asked, “have they gone and left us?”

“I don’t know. But their children are still here,” the sparrow replied.

The poor birds could not think of what to do. The next evening, the pigeons returned. The evil crows arrived soon after. “Well, look at this. These guys are still here,” the big crow chuckled. He was surprised, as he expected them to be gone. “It seems like you want to be thrown out.”

Hearing this, the gang of crows burst out laughing, filling the forest with their high pitched laughter.

The birds all looked at one another, scared and expecting the worst. However, when they looked at the pigeons, they saw no worry on their faces. It was like nothing bad was happening at all!

“We will not die at your hands, and we will not leave our home,” the big pigeon said with a smile on his face. “Do you think we are alone? Do you think we are weak, so you can oppress and hurt us? Do you think you can take our home? Look! Our friends are here, and they will never leave us alone!”

As fast as lightning, a group of eagles appeared from every direction, surrounding the tree.

The leader of the eagles was vexed, and said to the crows in a deep, stern voice: “What is the matter now? You tried to hurt these birds, you thought they were weak and you were strong. Let us show you what strength really is.”

“No, no! That…that is not the case,” the big crow stuttered, “there’s no need to be angry! We were just joking around! They can stay, the tree is theirs. I will take my gang and leave at once!”

The dangerous situation incited by the crows, was resolved by the eagles. The bird families were delighted. They thanked the eagles and invited them for a feast. They all laughed together, enjoying the food, and each other’s company.

Dear children! This story teaches us an important lesson: Do not hurt, oppress, or look down on anyone smaller or weaker than you. We should not be unjust to anyone. We should help people who are being bullied or hurt by others.




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