Amazing Animal Stories

The Beggar Monkey

Shahzayb Attari Madani

Whilst humming to himself, the brown monkey put the fruit in a basket and was returning back to his home. On the journey back, he met a useless, worthless monkey.

‘Wow! Wow! You have gathered the best smelling, freshest fruit. This is apparent from the outside of the fruit, imagine how wonderful the taste is on the inside!’ The good-for-nothing monkey said, whilst keeping his eyes fixated on the basket of fruit.

The brown monkey then said: ‘Hey, brother! After rainfall, there is fresh fruit everywhere in the jungle. All the animals are eating them to their fill. But, why are you so surprised and why are you becoming so weak?’

‘The answer to your question is in this’, said the lazy monkey whilst removing leaves from his crate.

‘What is this this? All your fruit is ruined and rotten, none of them are fresh. What is the reason for this?’, the brown monkey asked in astonishment.

The worthless monkey said in reply: ‘The fact of the matter is, I have stopped climbing trees. I do not put myself in difficulty by climbing high.’

‘Then where did you gather all this from?’, the brown monkey asked.

The worthless monkey said: ‘I pick up the fruit of other animals, the ones they drop or the half-eaten fruit that they leave. Or, I ask from someone and keep it. This is how my work goes on.’

The brown monkey said: ‘Okay! So you have stopped putting in any effort and have become a beggar who uses ruined fruit and leftovers, and that fruit which others have thrown away!’

‘My brother! The reality is that I cannot put in any effort. You can give it whatever name you want.’ After telling him about his incapability, he said: ‘Your crate is full of fresh fruit. Give me some of that fruit so I may eat something today. This will be a great favour upon me.’

The brown monkey then said: ‘If I give you fruit now because of your asking, this will not be a favour, rather it is oppression. Your habit of begging will become firm and you will begin to die at the thought of having to try. You should make an effort and leave this habit of asking from other people.’ Upon saying this, the brown monkey picked up his crate and left without giving any of his fruit away.

Dear children! Begging and asking from people is a bad habit. People become lazy and adverse to working because of this. We should be like the brown monkey and ignore such people, thus aiding them in leaving their bad habit of begging.




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