Amazing Animal Stories

The two-humped camel

Maulana Shahzayb Attari Madani

‘Mother! Is it still not morning?’ asked Chinku the mouse.

‘No, my child, no! The morning began a while ago. Something must be wrong, which is why there is darkness in our home. Our house is in the best spot; we normally get plenty of air and sunshine’, she replied.

The suspicions of Chinku and his mother were correct, because even though the sun had risen, it was still darker than the night. They both were really worried. However, despite this, Chinku and his mother went towards the entrance of the house where the sunlight would usually enter from.

‘It seems like there is something big by the entrance’, said Chinku.

 ‘Stop!’ shouted his mother, ‘Do not touch anything. There might be a large animal outside that could harm us.’

For some time, Chinku and his mother continued searching and sniffing around. They reached the conclusion that there was, indeed, a large animal sitting outside. After waiting for a while, they both decided to go back inside. However, suddenly, rays of light began to enter. The sun illuminated the entire house. This meant that the animal had moved away from their home. So, Chinku and his mother slowly approached the entrance again. They looked up and saw that there was a huge two-humped camel.

Chinku and his mother were no longer scared. They knew that even though the camel was a large animal, it would not cause them any harm. Chinku left his home and greeted the camel and told him about everything that had just happened.

Upon hearing the story, the camel started to laugh and say: ‘This means that I have arrived at the right place. If I am not mistaken, your name must be Chinku.’

Amazed by this, Chinku said: ‘Yes, I am Chinku, but how do you know this? This is the first time I have seen you, and we have never met before.’

Instead of replying, the camel asked another question. ‘You are correct. However, first tell me, where is Aunt Cheena, your mother?’

Amazed again, Chinku replied: ‘Wow! You know everyone. Wait here, I will go and call my mother.’

After a while, both mother and son were looking at the camel in amazement.

The camel stood there smiling and said: ‘My grandfather would often tell me that on this side of the desert, there are three trees. The place where there are many leaves on the trees is where Aunt Cheena and her son Chinku live. He told me that he was once eating from these leaves when his rope became stuck in the tree. He struggled to break free but to no avail. Then, it was you two who came and helped him.’

‘Yes! Yes! I remember now. We helped him’, said Chinku’s mother, ‘He also had two humps and a lot of fur on his body.’

The camel said: ‘My grandfather told me to meet you and pass on his salaam. He also gave me some gifts to give to you, which is why I am here.’

The three of them started talking and laughing; everyone was happy. The camel gave them their gifts and left.

Dear children, we learn from this story that we should not approach something that we are unaware of. If we do, it can cause us harm. We also learn that if someone helps us at the time of difficulty, we should remember and thank that person.




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