Sparkly the Monkey and Lily The Lioness

Amazing Animal Stories

Sparky the Monkey and Lily the Lioness

Sayyid Adeel Zaakir Chishti

Sparky the Monkey was swinging from tree to tree. “Hurry home before night falls or else mum will tell you off! Hurry, hurry!” he bellowed to himself. As he sped home, he heard the voice of someone crying out for help: “Save me! Save me! Please help me get out of this hole?”

Sparky went closer to where the voice came from but didn’t see anyone nearby. Who was calling out for help? Whose voice was it? He looked around a little longer and found a lioness stuck in a hole.

”What?!”, Sparky quivered, “Lily the Lioness? How did you get stuck here?”

“Dear Sparky, I don’t know how this happened! My children were hungry, and I was running here and there, looking for food. This hole was covered with a lot of leaves, and I didn’t see it. As I ran around, I accidently fell into this hole, and now I’m stuck!” Saying this, Lily began to cry.

Sparky felt bad. “Right!” he cried. Stop crying, “I will get you out of there.” Finding a rope, he tossed it down the hole. “Take this! Hold this rope tight and climb out of the hole.” Sparky held one end of the rope as Lily climbed up the other. Slowly, Lily clambered out of the hole. Coming face to face with the mighty Lily, Sparky suddenly got very scared and bolted up a tree. He was scared that she might eat him!

Lily felt sorry for him, and said, “Why are you scared of me? You saved my life. Thank you! I can never repay this favour of yours. From today, we are friends, and if you ever need me, I will help you.”

“How kind of you!” Sparky said, breathing a sigh of relief, “I have to go now. Mum’s waiting for me.”

“Yes!” Lily exclaimed, “my children are hungry. I have to go too and look after them. Goodbye! See you soon.”

Smiling at each other, they parted ways.

Many days then passed, but they did not meet each other.

There was a cheetah called Charlie living in the jungle, who would sneak up on the other animals and snatch them away to eat them. Whilst searching for prey one day, Charlie the Cheetah happened to find the tree that Sparky lived in and began to climb it!

At that time, Sparky was laying on a branch reading a newspaper, and his mum was making food in the kitchen. Seeing them, Charlie licked his lips. “Wow, Charlie!” he said to himself joyfully. “I will have a yummy feast today!”

Charlie slowly moved forward and quickly attacked Sparky, trapping him with his claws. “Who will save you now, monkey?” Charlie remarked.

Sparky began to shout, “Save me! Save me! Somebody save me from this cruel cheetah!” Twisting, turning, and squirming, he tried his best to break out of Charlie’s clutches. Suddenly, he broke free, but fell all the way down from the top of the tree to the ground! He now had a broken leg, and Charlie leapt down at once in pursuit. Slowly approaching Sparky, he smirked, “Ha ha ha! Now your leg is broken, you can’t even run!”

Charlie was about to pounce and eat the helpless monkey but suddenly stopped in his tracks! Lily had arrived! In a fearful voice, Charlie asked, “Lily! What are you doing here? Move out of my way, this has nothing to do with you!” Right when her friend Sparky needed her, Lily had arrived.

Standing between Sparky and the cheetah, Lily exclaimed, “No! I will not move. You do not know who you have attacked. Sparky is my friend, and I do not let anybody do this to my friends. He once saved my life, and I said I would help him if he ever needed me. Leave him alone and go away!”

Lily then beat up the evil Charlie, until he ran away with his tail between his legs.

Sparky thanked Lily, but she said, “No, dear Sparky! This was my duty.”

Dear children! From this story, we learn that we should not leave our friends when they need us. We should instead help and support them. No matter how big the difficulty is, we should always be there for them.




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